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Detailed description of stainless steel wire-wound filter tube
2019-08-08 10:46:55

Stainless steel wire-wound filter tube, rewinding cone-shaped screen tube, v-type wire-wound oil production screen tube: Material: 302, 304, 304L, 316, 316L and other stainless steel wire and low carbon steel wire, galvanized iron wire, etc., also according to customer requirements Custom made. Weaving and characteristics: The stainless steel welded filter tube is composed of two parts: a support strip and a sieve strip. The support bar can be a round wire or a triangular wire or a trapezoidal wire. The sieve bar is a triangular wire (v-shaped wire), the slit size and the filtering precision are high; the structure is strong, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, good mechanical property and long service life. , safe and reliable, can be used for filtration of a variety of media. Wound wire specification: wire width (mm): 1.50 1.80 2.30 3.00 3.30 3.70 wire height (mm): 2.20 2.50 2.70 3.60 4.30 4.70 5.60 6.30 tow bar specification: wire width (mm): 2.30 3.00 3.30 3.70 wire height (mm): 2.70 3.60 4.70 5.60 6.30 round wire: from 2.50mm to 6.0mm can also be produced according to customer needs. The smallest gap: 0.1mm connection: welding ring joint and threaded threaded joint, flange joint connection. Filtration method: internal liquid filtration, external liquid filtration (valgus, reverse roll, screen eversion) Standard length: 3m/5.85m. Use: Filter water pipe is a perforated water filter equipment. It can be used together with deep well pump and submersible pump, and can also be used for water treatment equipment, environmental protection, seawater conversion to industrial water and domestic water desalination treatment, tap water treatment, water softening treatment, petrochemical industry: terminal filtration of petroleum products And filtration of chemical acid, alkali liquid, and organic solution such as alcohol.


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