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Stainless steel wire mesh, characteristics and uses of printing mesh
2019-08-08 10:44:34

Printing net, stainless steel printing net

Material: SUS304N, 304HP, 316L

Weaving: plain weave

Features:: Alkali-resistant acid, alkali, grinding, and strong pull.

[High tension] Tension is higher than polyester mesh and high stability

[Ultra-precision] Wire diameter opening is fairly uniform with minimal error rate

[very low extension] under high tension, the screen stretches to a small extent

[High Yield Point] Does not lose elasticity due to deformation under extremely high tension

[Highly wear-resistant] The wear resistance of steel wire is much better than fiber

[No static electricity] Prevent static electricity and ensure printing effect

[Good heat resistance and melting] Suitable for hot melt inks, it is a special advantage of steel mesh

[Good solvent resistance] Prevents damage to the screen caused by various solvents and ensures printing safety.

Uses: Stainless steel printing silk cloth is suitable for direct plate making, the surface is curved surface printing products, such as: glass, ceramic, metal, plastic, rubber, printed circuit, etc. It is especially suitable for use in harsh environments, multi-color overprinting, batch printing, tone Printing, precision printing are suitable.


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