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What is the role of stainless steel filter wrap?
2019-08-08 10:37:46

What is the role of stainless steel filter wrap?

    In fact, the stainless steel filter is wrapped for the sake of beauty, but it is mainly to make its application more humanized and more perfect. It will be better if it does not affect the use. The road of constant innovation will allow stainless steel nets to embark on a new path.

    The stainless steel filters, filter cartridges, and mesh baskets that are now produced are popular with people. Because the stainless steel wire mesh is convenient and easy to use, it is not easy to be worn, the working time is long, it is not easy to tie the hand, the weft wire is wrapped around the edge, it is not easy to fall, the structure is consolidated, the convenience is used, and the silk is used in 20#--300#: generally used in mining , petroleum, chemical, construction, machinery accessories, protective nets, packaging nets, barbecue nets, barbecue oven nets, sintering furnace nets, hardware finished nets, handicraft nets, vibrating screens, net basket nets, Food machinery nets, cookware nets, wall nets, grain, roads, railways, nets for equipment, can be used for classification of solid materials, filtration of liquids and muds, breeding, civil use, etc.

    Because of the wide range of applications of stainless steel filters, and its aesthetic effect. It is a kind of application method that is more humanized and more beautiful.


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